Why training basic core stability in alignment is so important

19 maart 20195 min reading time

Have you ever wondered what the best way to train your core stability is? What movement is good for your spine and what movement is not? In a world with so many sources … Read more

The benefits of the neutral spine and how to use it

14 januari 20195 min reading time

You may have heard about the neutral spine. If your back is injured, people recommend that you find your neutral spine and use it. But what does that mean? How can you do … Read more

Why you shouldn’t be surprised to get back pain!

17 december 20185 min reading time

Back pain is common with over 80% of the adult population reporting episodes of back pain at least once within their lifetime. But should this be a surprise, and if not why not?… Read more

The basic concept of back stability

17 december 20185 min reading time

This concept can best be described as to tolerate and withstand, in your most optimal posture, the forces applied to your spine from head to tailbone with resulting in movement from the ball … Read more

The low back hernia (herniated disc) misdiagnosed

15 november 20185 min reading time

The low back hernia is so often misdiagnosed, and we don’t seem to understand its nature and treatment. It can be subtle and present in different ways and therefore easily confused to have … Read more

My low back problem, also called “my weak spot”

15 november 20185 min reading time

How is it that we so often look at ourselves and think that a particular part of our body is not doing well enough? We are very quick to judge that part and … Read more

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